How to Get Access

Requesting Access to Banner, Cognos, Degree Works, and 25Live

Access is granted to faculty, staff, and student employees who need access to student information to fulfill responsibilities as outlined in their job description. Access to production data will only be granted to those who have completed required training.

Click on the image below for visual instruction.

Scroll to the bottom of the page for information on how to Add a Role, Remove a Role, and special considerations for granting access to Banner and Degree Works.



1. Visit the Training section of this site to find the role(s) that best describe your job responsibilities.

If you need access to edit the Admissions Decision (SAADCRV) page in Banner you must obtain approval first from Undergraduate Admissions by submitting the Banner Systems Access Request - SAADCRV Edit Access in Workfront.


2. Go to Student Information System (SIS) Service Request in ServiceLink   If you do not have an active CAS session, you may be prompted to enter your UCR credentials before proceeding. In the Category drop down, choose System Access.  


3. Complete the required fields. Enter a brief request description in the Short Description line. Examples include “New Request for Joe Smith” or “Modification to Joe Smith’s access.”

Set your Priority level (default is None)
None - within 7-10 business days
Low – within 5-7 business days
Medium – within 3-5 business days
High – within 1-3 business days


4. Fill out the specific user access requirements. All fields with a red asterisk are required.

Enter the following information (numbered on screenshot):

  1. User’s Name (first and last)
  2. Employment Type 
  3. If User has completed Banner training
  4. If User is a former UCR Student or faculty member
  5. Verify FERPA training has been completed for the person who needs access set up
  6. Briefly describe the user’s job responsibilities that require access to student data and information systems.

Net ID and supervisor information will automatically be filled in based on the User Name field. For more information on Net ID, visit ServiceLink.


5. Indicate the details of the access request (numbered on screenshot):

  1. System access being requested or removed?
  2. Which systems are needed?
  3. Use the Additional Information/Notes box to provide other information that will be helpful in processing your request.
  4. If another user already has similar access, please provide that user’s name or NetID for reference in the request.
  5. Click Submit. 

Once access to Banner has been established, the request will be closed. The user must complete all required training.

Student employees should email a copy of the Statement of FERPA Understanding to



Add Additional Access

To add a role to your access, fill out the form as you would for a new request and make a note in the Additional Information that describes the additional access you need.

Remove a Role or Access

  • If an UCR employee transfers departments, submit a request to revoke access as job duties of the new position may vary.

Banner Cognos  

Staff and faculty who do not have access to Banner may also request access to Cognos by following the same steps outlined above. Check "Cognos" in the "Choose systems for access/removal from the list below" section and describe the reports folders you need to access.

Access is granted based on a combination of job responsibilities, your organization, and/or your department.

View the list of categories and reports available in Cognos.

Degree Works  

If your primary Banner role is…

Assigned to Degree Works role…

    ADVA Majors
Academic Advisor Assistant View Only With Notes - VWN     AFST ETST LLFR RLST
Academic Advisor College Undergraduate College Advisor - ADV     ALC GBST LLGS RUSN
Academic Advisor Major - Graduate Graduate Major Advisor - GRM     ANLW GEOL LLLN SPN
Academic Advisor Major - Undergraduate Undergraduate Major Advisor - ADVX     ANTH GEPH LNST STAT
Academic Advisor Major - Undergraduate who advise for majors listed to the right Undergraduate Major Adv (AA) - ADVA     ASST GESC MATH SUST
Academic Coordinator View Only With Notes - VWN     AST GSST MCBL WMST
Academic Counselor View Only With Notes - VWN     BIOL HIST MEIS  
Academic Enrollment Managers View Only With Notes - VWN     CCST HASS MTSS  
Academic Learning Community Coordinator View Only With Notes - VWN     CHEM HSAT MUCU  
Admissions Articulation Maintenance View Only Without Notes - VO     CLA HSLW NTST  
Admissions Counselors View Only Without Notes - VO     CMDB LBST PHIL  
Graduate Division Management Graduate College Advisor - GRC     CPAC LING PHYS  
Graduate Division Student Workers
*requires approval of Director of Academic Affairs in Graduate Division
Graduate Major Advisor - GRM     CRWT LLCP PLBL  
Registrar Academic Scheduling and Courses View Only Without Notes - VO            
Registrar Curriculum/Degree Audit Mgmt Registrar - REG            
Registrar Management Registrar - REG            
Registrar Records and Registration View Only With Notes - VWN            
Registrar Student Workers View Only With Notes - VWN            
Z: Athletic Compliance View Only With Notes - VWN            
Z: HOSS View Only With Notes - VWN