Banner Data and Reports


iReport will continue to be available as UCR's report distribution and storage system. There will be new repositories, categories, and reports available for iReport users. View the list of available repositories, categories, and reports in iReport. 

Student Data Query System (SDQS)

SDQS "Criteria" and "Columns" tabs will be updated to accommodate changes in Banner data but will retain all of the current functionality as a secure, intuitive web interface that provides access to a query tool enabling users to send plain text targeted email communication to students on a variety of academic information.


UCR is using IBM Cognos to connect to the Banner Operational Data Store, which refreshes nightly. Banner ODS is data from the Banner administrative system organized into a simplified format where users can execute operational and adhoc reports. 


Staff and faculty who do not have access to Banner may also request access to Cognos by submitting a Student Information System (SIS) Service Request in ServiceLink.  Check "Cognos" in the "Choose systems for access/removal from the list below" section. Access is granted based on a combination of job responsibilities, your organization, and/or your department.

View the list of categories and reports available in Cognos.


Review the Cognos Training document for information on how to connect to the test and production system and how to execute operational and adhoc reports.

If you would like hands-on training, email and we will schedule a time with you. 

Custom Data or Report Requests

Campus Reporting Solutions in ITS provides data and reports on students, provided the request meets applicable federal, state, and university privacy laws and policies.

  • Complete and submit a Request for Reporting Services.
  • Workfront will send you an email alert confirming your request has been submitted. We review all requests to ensure they comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and applicable University of California policies and State of California privacy laws. Please allow 2-3 business days to complete the review process.
  • The Data Request Coordinator will notify you via email if your request is denied, to include why it was denied and suggest information to include if you resubmit your request. Approved requests take 7-10 days to process but vary on the complexity and urgency of the request. If there is a concern about the completion date, please leave a note on your ServiceLink ticket.  
  • Non-UCR Affiliated Requests

    If you're unaffiliated with UCR, we charge a $100 fee to process your request. Email the Data Request Coordinator and include the criteria and data fields needed. All files will be sent in excel format via UCR's secure file sharing system, iShare.

  • Reports and Statistics Available on the Web

    Institutional Researchmaintains a variety of standard reports and statistics for the public. Visit their website for access to enrollment planning reports, head counts, degrees conferred, student/faculty workload, student (academic) profiles and more. Information for UC can also be found UCOP's Data Operations Hub.

  • Media Requests for Student Data

    If you need student data that can be released to the public, direct your request to Institutional Research.