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deployment facilitation workgroups

Deployment Facilitation Workgroups

Although not represented in the planned work of the project plan, the efforts of these groups are vital in the overall success of the implementation.


  • Communications - Oversees communication effectiveness both within the project team and external to the team.
  • Communication Chair: Peter Graham
  • Communication Work Group Responsibilities:
    • Develop, maintain, and execute a communication plan with the objective of creating and maintaining awareness for the Student Information System Upgrade and Enhancement Initiative.
    • Ensure that appropriate messaging and communications reflect timely and accurate information about the initiative. The overarching objective is to create support for the implementation of this new campus-wide system and mitigate concerns and false information.


  • Training - Manages and coordinates Ellucian-led training sessions and artifacts, develops and coordinates training materials as well as coordinates user training.
  • Training Chair: Mike McKibben
  • Training Work Group Responsibilities:
    • Develop strategies for preparing faculty, staff, and students for the transition to the new student information system.
    • Create training aids, materials, tutorials, FAQs, and other content that will assist users of the new system to be able to effectively accomplish their tasks.

Change Management & Policy

  • Change Management + Policy- Identifies and executes those activities required for departments outside of the project team.
  • Change Management & Policy Chair: Joe Childers
  • Change Management and Policy Work Group Responsibilities:
    • Ensure that the schedule for implementation is coordinated with other organizations and operations within the university that are dependent upon the student information system and its data.
    • Coordinate with faculty, staff, and students system changes resulting from the student information system upgrade and enhancement initiative.
    • Ensure that appropriate documentation, testing, notification, training (faculty, staff, and students), and recovery procedures are in place to facilitate changes resulting from the upgrade and enhancement initiative.
    • Create a sub-group, Policy Board Facilitation Work Group, whose duty it is to insure processes contained in, and facilitated by, the new information system are compliant to campus policies.

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